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Education Programs

The Museum welcomes visits from students of all ages. Groups are welcome to browse independently, however we are also able to provide tours and curriculum-linked activities.

Generally, groups come to the Museum for about an hour. We like to welcome the students, provide a tour or activity, and then leave enough time for the students to explore the Museum on their own.

We have a large screen in the main gallery which we use to display historical photos and digitised items from our collection or DVD presentations to augment the tour.

For larger groups, we can split the students into two groups, and rotate the students through different activities.

Cost:  The cost of admission for a school group is $7.50 per student, with accompanying adults free.  There is a minimum charge of $80 per group.

Current Programs on Offer

Historical Walk

Museum staff take the group on a walk around the Goompi/Dunwich township, showing students historic sites from North Stradbroke Island’s convict past, Catholics Passionist era and from the days of the Dunwich Benevolent Asylum.

This program is for all year groups, including Senior students and adults.

Aboriginal Culture 'Treasure Hunt'

Students are given a card with the name of an object in the museum which is made by an aboriginal person from materials found in the natural environment.  The students needs to locate the object, read the relevant information, then report back to the group about their findings.

This program is particularly relevant to the Year 2 Design and Technology curriculum.

'First Contacts'

Students learn about the changes to the life of the Quandamooka people before and after European contact.


This program specifically addresses the Year 4 history curriculum.

Dunwich Benevolent Asylum

Students interact with objects from our collection to bring the Benevolent Asylum to life. This program is useful for groups of primary school students.

Create a Timeline of NSI History

Students are given a card with a particular event on Stradbroke Island history, and explore the Museum to find out the relevant date. The students then come back together, match their event with a date, and create a timeline.

This program is a general program, useful for groups of Year 4 upwards.

Senior School Geography

We have a range of presentations aimed at high school geography students, which we can tailor to a particular topic.

Custom Programs

We are also happy to tailor a museum visit to specific requirements if we have enough notice. For example, we can show students photos of fishing and sealife, or early Island transport, or sand mining….or whatever your particular curriculum requirement is. Just give us a ring!

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