North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum

The North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum (NSIHM) actively records, conserves and provides access to the unique social history of North Stradbroke Island to promote a sense of identity and place that reflects, engages and is thought provoking.

North Stradbroke Island is a beautiful island off the Queensland coast near Brisbane. Straddie, as it is locally known, was named in honour of the son of the first Earl of Stradbroke.

The carpet snake (rainbow serpent), Kabool, is a powerful traditional symbol for Stradbroke Island's Aboriginal people, who have lived here since the Pleistocene Age. James Cook named Point Lookout, the Island's eastern-most point, in 1770, but first recorded contact with Europeans was in 1803, when a party from Matthew Flinders' cutter Hope came ashore to find water.

The North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum won the inaugural John Oxley Library Community Heritage Award in 2010 for the Online Heritage Trail. Check out the updated site to take a virtual tour through time around the island.