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Permanent Exhibitions

Pioneer room

Features innovative and intriguing artifacts and stories from the early days of white settlement on Stradbroke.

Aboriginal room

Carbon dating suggests that the Quandamooka people have lived here since the Pleistocene age. Our display presents some of the history of the last hundred years or so.


Shipwrecks abound in the waters around Stradbroke Island, especially on the South Passage bar, which can be very dangerous for shipping.


The Point Lookout lighthouse became operational in 1934, and this is the original light. The housing has been put together from other old lighthouse exteriors.

Whale skull

Sperm whale skeletons rarely wash up on Queensland beaches, and this is the skull of one of the largest every found by Queensland Museum, who have now loaned it permanently to Stradbroke Museum.

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- Present


15-17 Welby Street, Dunwich


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