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Miriginba Mil | Eagle Eye

This exhibition provides a birds eye view, across decades, of the three major townships of North Stradbroke Island, Goompi/ Dunwich, Mooloomba/ Point Lookout and Pulan Pulan/ Amity. It depicts landscape changes of Quandamooka Country, both from nature and human kind. Take a journey through time by starting in Goompi/Dunwich in the 1900’s and clicking through each of the photos below.

Aerial shots of Goompi/ Dunwich, Pulan Pulan/ Amity Point and Mulumba/ Point Lookout from the North Stradbroke Island Museum on Minjerribah Collection.

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Do you have aerial photos of the Island that you would like to add to this exhibition? We would love to hear from you. Our contact number is 3409 9699 and email is

Date & Time

- Present


15-17 Welby Street, Dunwich


With Entry


All Ages

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