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Figuring Minjerribah

A statistical snapshot

‘Figuring Minjerribah’ paints a picture of the current society and economy of Minjerribah/ North Stradbroke Island. Residents and visitors frequently ask questions about the Island – how many people live here; what do people do; how is the Island changing and so on. The exhibition uses public and verified data – the Census, tax statistics and so forth – to provide answers.

The information is fascinating and far from obvious. Especially comparisons between the townships and between Minjerribah, other Bay Islands and the mainland.

Exhibition booklets are available from the Museum for $10 (plus $4 postage) or you can download for free here: Figuring Minjerribah 2020

Once you’ve had an opportunity to review the exhibition, try your luck at our Figuring Minjerribah Quiz 2020– and return to us via email to check your answers.

Date & Time

- Present


15-17 Welsby Street, Dunwich


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All Ages


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